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Sequential High-resolution ICP Optical Emission Spectrometers (ICP-OES) PS3500DDII Series

The instrument was designed as not only high speed and high accuracy measurements but also performs superior optical resolution for 400nm stage, which important in rare-earth metal, with an energy saving design concept. The newly developed Hyper Direct Drive and superior control technology enables high precision measuring.

1. High Resolution Measurement

With a presice processed spectro-optical element, an optimized optical system and a developped direct drive scanning technology, the wavelength resolution (half-value width) can be improved from 0.0045 nm (former model) to the world highest standard of 0.003 nm (scanning resolution is 0.00065 nm).

2. Accuracy & Repeatability

With an improved sample introduction system, the stablility of the atomizing sample introduction increases, the CV of repeatability becomes less than 0.4% for an 1hour longterm measurement and the reliability of measurement results improves.

3. Hyper Direct Drive System

Hyper Direct Drive improves the rotation speed of the diffraction grating 10 times that of conventional systems. It is able to drive the full spectrum area within one second. Measurement time reduced and sample consumption is minimized. High precision measurements are possible by the excellent positioning precision of the direct drive motor and intelligent control sequence.

Hyper Direct Drive System

4. User Friendliness, Maintainability, Running Costs

The operationability and maintainability improved after reviewing gas pipes in the plasma box and the filter placement. Furthermore, the Active Flow System that reduces the Ar-gas consumption by half and the Internal standard Spectrophotometers can be used as optional applications.

5. High speed scan measurement

Hyper Direct Drive can scan all wavelength regions within one second. As a result, time of conditions setting for performing wavelength selection of qualitative and quantitative analysis is markedly faster. With the improved algorithm, all elements qualitative analysis can be performed within one minute, which is one fourth of conventional methods.

6. WRS(Wide Range Scan)

Hyper Direct Drive can scan the wavelength by minimum 2 pm steps. A function was added that acquires a detailed wide spectrum freely. Qualitative judgment and wavelength selection for quantitative measurement, etc. can be performed based on this information.

7. Extended wavelength range

The hyper direct drive lets you measure up to 460 nm with the high resolution diffraction grating (4,320/mm). The 4,320/mm grating realizes the worlds best standard resolution 0.003 nm and is effective for measuring rare earth's that require high resolutions.

8. Wide region wavelengths Simultaneous analysis of element

Simultaneous analysis of elements in a wide range wavelength from 130 nm to 850 nm and measurements of halogen elements such as chlorine and bromine become feasible.

9. Optical Filter (Option)

The optical filter function can eliminate interference spectrum that affects high sensitivity of alkali metals or target spectrum.

10. Active Flow System (Option)

11. Internal standard Spectrophotometers(Option)

Spectrophotometers PS3510-DDII PS3520-DDII PS3520V-DDII PS3520UV-DDII
Channels 1ch 2ch 2ch 2ch
Atmosphere Purge Purge Vacuum Vacuum
Mount method Czerny-Turner
Wavelength Range 160 - 850 nm 130 - 850 nm

High Frequency Plasma Generator

Frequency 27.12 MHz
Maximum Output 1.6 kW


  • Ultrasonic nebulizer
  • Hydrofluoric acid sample delivery system
  • Hydride generator
  • AutoSampler
  • Organic solvent introduction system
  • Optical Filter
  • Auto Stop Unit
  • ActiveFlow system