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NIRMaster™ Pro IP65

he NIRMaster Pro IP65 is the world’s first dedicated FT-NIR standalone spectrometer with IP65 protection class. Its hygienic design is certified to be resistant to water jet cleaning procedures. It fully meets the requirements for safety of quality control instruments used in dairy and meat food production.




  • Maximum reliable reads through vibration proof FT polarization interferometer
  • Permanent performance verification through automated internal standard checks
  • Safe operation due to embedded industry standard PC
  • Continuous operation with twin-lamp safeguard

Best results

  • Highly reproducible results with polarization FT-NIR technology
  • Precise measurement of multiple parameters simultaneously
  • Exact data through top wavelength precision guaranteed by internal laser system


  • Certified for complete dust and pressurised water jet protection (IP65)
  • Easy-clean hygienic design
  • Compatible with standard IP65 monitors and keyboards