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ICP Optical Emission Spectrometers (ICP-OES) PS7800 Series

A bench-top plasma emission spectrometers.
Adoption of double monochromator equipped with echelle grating as a dispersive device, has made it possible to meet wide range of needs to measure various samples with high resolution comparable to large size spectrometers.

1. Compact

Spectrometers, radio frequency plasma generator and data processing system has been divided into 3 parts, enabling the best layout for each user and improving maintainability.

2. High Resolution

The newly developed double monochromator with dint surface grating has brought about the compact spectrometers with high performance in detection and resolution.

3. Excelent Operability

Analytic parameters are determined automatically by a computer making it easy to use, even for a beginner. Results are converted into Microsoft Excel data with one-touch operation, allowing various types of data analysis and creation of a customized report.


Type Double monochromator
Wavelength Range 175 to 800nm
Observation Direction Lateral Direction observation (AX Type: Axis Direction Observation)

Radio Frequency Generator

Frequency 27.12MHz
Maximum Output 1.2kW


  • Ultrasonic Nebulizer
  • Hydrogen Fluoride Sample Introduction System
  • Autosampler etc.