Analytical Balance

Series 390 Balances

With the series 390 and the related models HF, HA, HE and HM Precisa is setting new standards. With the easy to use menu, inspired by to the top smartphones, you will be familiar within seconds with your unique balance and exploit its full potential.

The frameless draft shield glass allows a barrier-free view and easy access into the weighing chamber. The draft shield glasses can be dismantled for cleaning within seconds without the need of any tools. All glasses, the weighing pan and other parts can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher.

With four different models HF, HA, HE and HM we cover your needs and you get exactly what you want. With exception of the entry-level model HM with a mechanical draft shield you can upgrade your balance with those applications and features you need in the future. Or simply choose the series 390 model HF to have the balance with everything equipped.

Our new unique balance series 390 offers you the best ergonomics, including an ultimate low weighing pan access level, the lowest on the market! Weighing processes can now be performed more comfortably, ergonomically and with ease.


  • Housing Aluminum cast base and sturdy sheet metal housing
  • High end weighing cell High resolution with optimized electronic control
  • Touch screen 7“ anti-reflective with high resolution. Shock and scratch resistant, approved to operate with standard laboratory gloves and UV resistant, frameless for perfect and easy cleaning.
  • Contex help Just press the Help Icon, the balance immediately displays the relevant support and assistance in the current context.
  • Draft shield Ambidextrous mechanical, electronical by a fingertip or even automatically with the Precisa unique touch less sensor (TLS)
  • Self-linearization system Fully automatic internal self-linearization and calibration system, programmable time and temperature controlled (SLS)
  • Stability indicator Provides visual real time indication and information about the balance environment at your working place.
  • Electronic level Electronic observation of levelling anytime and easy adjustment with visual support.
  • Versatile Interfaces As standard 2x USB Type A (Host), 1x USB Type B (Device), 100M Ethernet and RS232/V24 bi-directional
  • App's Upgrade your balance with APP's from the Precisa website
  • User management Extensive user management with various possibilities and access rights.
  • GLP compliance Built in clock with date and time beside all the other needs to assure GLP conformity.
Option for HE model (standard for HA and HF models, not available for HM):
  • TLS: Touch Less Sensor Precisa unique for automatic draft shield operation, tare, print and other programmable functions
Options for HE and HA model (standard for HF model, not available for HM):
  • ECS: Electrostatic Cancellation System Neutralizes all electrostatic charges inside the draft shield to ensures an accurate weighing
  • AOS: Ambient Observation System Reports or even calculate and correct with the app BEST the influence of the ambient air condition inside the draft shield on your weighing results
App's integrated:
  • Variety of measurement units
  • DDW: Dynamic weighing and differential weighing for e.g. weighing on ship
  • MSW: Minimum sample weight support according to USP
  • ART: Automatic Reproducibility Test
  • MSP: Maintenance and service package
  • And much more …
App's to download as upgrade (Standard for HF and HA models):
  • NET: Net total and summation application
  • DEN: Density determination)
  • CHK: Check weighing
  • BEST: Buoyancy Error Suppression Technology
  • And more coming soon…