2830 ZT

Advanced wavelength dispersive XRF analysis

The 2830 ZT wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) wafer analyzer offers the ultimate capability for measuring film thickness and composition. Designed specifically for the semiconductor and data storage industry, PANalytical’s 2830 ZT Wafer Analyzer enables the determination of layer composition, thickness, dopant levels and surface uniformity for a wide range of wafers up to 300 mm.

Continuous capability and speed

The 4 kW SST-mAX X-ray tube features groundbreaking ZETA technology which eliminates the effects of X-ray tube aging. This ‘new tube’ performance is maintained throughout the tube’s lifetime, and together with high sensitivity, ZETA technology ensures that rapid analysis and short measurement times are upheld throughout the tube’s lifetime. ZETA technology robustly reduces the need for drift correction and recalibration, which increases productivity and uptime of the instrument.

2830 ZT, PANalytical

Maximized uptime

Conventional X-ray tubes suffer tungsten evaporation, which causes deposits on the inside of the tube’s beryllium window. Instrumentation using such X-ray tubes requires regular drift correction to compensate for decreasing intensity, especially for light elements. Implementation of the SST-mAX Tube in the 2830 ZT solves this drift problem, thereby maximizing uptime and maintaining instrument precision over time.

2830 ZT, PANalytical

Easy to use

The 2830 ZT is supplied with PANalytical’s advanced SuperQ software, which includes FP Multi, the software package specifically designed for multi-layer analysis. The software’s user interface ensures that even inexperienced operators can carry out fully automated fundamental parameter analysis of multi-layers. The instrument's SuperQ software has a wide range of easy-to-use modules designed for flexible operation by researchers and engineers. Switching between recipes is easy, as is adjusting equipment parameters to suit user preferences.

2830 ZT, PANalytical


The FALMO-2G easily integrates into any lab or fab: from simple manual carrier loading to full automation. A fully flexible design enables the fab manager to choose from FOUP, SMIF or open cassette load ports, with either a single or dual load port configuration. The various configurations FALMO-2G are all supported by GEM300 compliant software. The footprint of the FALMO-2G has been minimized without compromising flexibility, functionality and reliability.

2830 ZT, Semyos, PANalytical

2830 ZT

Superior light-element performance

The 2830 ZT has key features that maximize sensitivity and stability of 2830 ZT for light elements. It has a 4 kW output SST-mAX Tube operating at a high current of 160 mA, dedicated high-performance channels for light elements in the range from boron to magnesium, up to 25 detection channels, dry (oil-free) pumps maintaining a clean, sub-Pascal vacuum within the measurement chamber.
2830 ZT, PANalytical

Key specifications and options

Sample handling X-ray tube Detector Installation
Wafers of 100 - 300 mm by direct loading SST-mAX50, tapered nose, end-window tube Scintillation with 300 μm Be window Ambient temperature 18 - 25 °C (64 - 77 °F)
Maximum wafer or sample thickness 2.5 mm Measurement spot size 40 and 10 mm Non-inflammable argon/methane SEMI S2/S8 compliant
FOUP, SMIF, open cassette and manual loading Flow counter Full SECS/GEM compliant
Troughput up to 25 wafers per hour Sealed counter
Scanner 10 º-100 º 2θ
Up to 24 detectors