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HB 10

Category: Heating Baths

Universal safety heating bath for water and oil applications. With integrated carrying handles and safety temperature circuit. The HB 10 heating bath also comes with a built in dry- run control. It stops heating the bath if no medium is present. Laterally arranged carrying handles allow for safe handling without the risk of burns. Additionally, the newly added lock function prevents accidental change of bath settings. HB 10 has an accuracy of +/-1 Kelvin. The optimized 3 liter bath shape is adap Read more »

HBR 4 control

Category: Heating Baths

The heating bath is noted for: Cylindrical bath shape Heating elements integrated into the bath base Heat transfer media can be low-viscous oil (50 mPas) or water (H2O) Useful volume: approx. 4 l Heat output: 1000 W Two carry handles Infinitely variable safety temperature limiter according to DIN 12877 Double-jacketed mantle protection against burns - Digital display for target, actual an Read more »