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Moisture Balance

Category: Moisture Balance

The EM120-HR moisture analyzer meets the highest international quality standards. Precisa has developed an instrument which not only provides a high degree of precision, but also offers an outstanding array of additional options. EM120-HR will fit perfectly into your IT environment and has integrated USB and RS232 connections to external PC’s and equipment. Generous memory capacity, optimum control for measuring processes and state-of-the-art, user-friendly high-end weighing technolo Read more »

Series 320 XB Basic Analytical and Precision Balances

Category: Precision Balance

The best coverage for basic needs. Precision, technology, design of the highest quality: This is the state-of-the-art 320XB Series by Precisa. Simple, robust, and very effective. With a wide range of options and accessories, user-friendliness and practicality are at the forefront. This is the classic lab balance - owing its popularity to its simple operation and problem-free use. It keeps records in accordance with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and thanks to its integr Read more »

Series 321 LS Balances

Category: Precision Balance

The Precisa models of the new LS series combine precision with comprehensive user friendliness and an appealing design. Its reliable integrated weighing technology is extremely robust and long-lasting. Users can rely on this model range even in the toughest ambient conditions. A high-contrast display offers perfect readability in any environment. An easy-to-use draft shield, many integrated weighing applications and interfaces for highly versatile accessories turn these latest-generation scal Read more »

PREMIUM Series 321 LX Balances

Category: Precision Balance

With the 321 series, Precisa is in today’s mindset: offering active, modern thinking professionals the enjoyment of using well designed even trendy products in their working environment. In combination with the excellent quality and easy-to-use interface it takes the new Precisa experience in weighing to the next level. Going beyond high performance and precision – Series 321 meets today’s and tomorrow’s user expectations regarding design, functionality and reliability of a modern wei Read more »

Series 321 LT Balances

Category: Precision Balance

With the series LT 321, the successor to the popular 320 series XT, we provide you again a scale with ten control keys in front. These provide you and your employees an very easier operation. The four function keys at all times clearly define and optimize the work processes and if necessary are re-programmable - also in conjunction with any of the many available applications. Its reliable integrated weighing technology is extremely robust and long-lasting. Users can rely on this model range e Read more »

EXECUTIVE PRO Series 360 EP Balances

Category: Precision Balance

With the 360 EP series balances, Precisa is setting new standards: innovative, high-tech instrumentation which includes the latest technical developments, unique performance features, best user-interface and the most modern design to establish the 360 EP series as the very bench-mark for modern laboratory technology. The 360 series owes its extremely high reliability and durability to the well-known competence of Precisa’s engineering and development. The weighing cell is of the highest mec Read more »

Analytical Balance

Category: Analytical Balance

Series 390 Balances With the series 390 and the related models HF, HA, HE and HM Precisa is setting new standards. With the easy to use menu, inspired by to the top smartphones, you will be familiar within seconds with your unique balance and exploit its full potential. The frameless draft shield glass allows a barrier-free view and easy access into the weighing chamber. The draft shield glasses can be dismantled for cleaning within seconds without the n Read more »

ChromasterUltra Rs, UHPLC

Category: Chromatographic Equipment

HITACHI Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph supports cutting edge analysis ChromasterUltra Rs, an ultra high performance liquid chromatograph, provides the ultimate in high performance, high resolution, and high sensitivity analysis that are becoming requirements for research and development in pharmaceutical and chemical fields. HITACHI UHPLC supports cutting edge studies including the h Read more »

SCION SQ Mass Spectrometer

Category: Chromatographic Equipment

SCION SQ GC-MS The SCION (SQ) GC-MS is designed for today’s fast paced analytical laboratory. Innovative design features such as a Lens-Free ion path, heated ion optics and an Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) detector enable the SCION SQ to deliver accurate quantification and identification on a routine basis, even in complex matrices. As ions pass through a mass spectrometer a significant portion is lost every time they encounte Read more »


Category: Chromatographic Equipment

436-GC The perfect GC for many applications that saves space without compromise on functionality and performance. Capacity for 2 injectors , 1 GC detector plus a mass spectrometer makes the SCION 436 a perfect match for your analyses. A 9 inch touchpad provides direct access to all GC functions and basic tuning. Read more »